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The IDT Medal Test System is in place to encourage ‘performance’ from the candidates as an attribute to the graded syllabus.  For this reason, teachers are urged to introduce pupils to the Medals as soon as possible so that the pupils may use the opportunity to develop and strengthen their personalities, confidence and performance levels in preparation for live performance on a stage.


General Information 

There are no age restrictions for any of the medal tests with the exception of the following:


Junior Shield/Cup should be entered by pupils up to the age of 10

Intermediate Shield/Cup should be entered by pupils aged 11-14

Advanced Shield/Cup should be entered by pupils aged 15+


Candidates may be entered performing any of the following styles


  • Classical Ballet

  • Modern Jazz

  • Lyrical

  • Contemporary

  • Tap

  • Singing

  • Song & Dance

  • Drama

  • Acro

  • Street


For full information on the medals and awards available please contact the office 

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