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We are so grateful to be in partnership with this board.  They provide up do date training for teachers and examinations for students. 

Not only that, but they are also incredibly helpful, full of passion, have excellent knowledge of the performance industry and trade. They are such a nice team to work with. 

From all of us at DMT . . . Thank you to everyone at IDT for all that you do to make sure this performance world stays educated.  

Vince, DMT, Crawley

I've been a member of IDT for the past four years and I cannot express though how supportive they are, not just with getting materials and feedback to us after exams and courses, but throughout the year. 

Whenever I ask questions about programmes of study or music they always try their best to help and do it quickly.  

IDT have really helped my dancers become better from their programmes of study, brining confidence out, students learning harder material - making them better dancers all round. 

Thank you to all at IDT

Kayleigh, Fantazee Dance, St Neots 

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